Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Just believe, you're not gonna be sexy forever

I used to say: "I will buy a house soon!", the responses I would get would range from "Why? It's the guy who is supposed to buy the house!" macho tone to "You look like you don't want to get married, hein!" sarcastic lame tone to "But this way, the future husband will get greedy, and will only marry you for the house!" evil tone

And, my response would be mostly : "meh"

They don't get it. It's not about me + someone. It's just about me! If I want to buy a house, it's for me!

Me... me... me! *mouse like voice*

We no longer live in in the 19th century, where the girl remained illiterate, and had to rely on a man to make a life. Now, things are different. Do I really need to explain how? Seriously?

I am not rooting for being alone forever, far from that, I believe happiness is to be shared, so are achievements and goals. I am just saying, if a woman is alone, it doesn't mean she's "incomplete". So cut her some slack.

This is a shout out to many women, single or not, you are a whole on your own. Embrace it. You rock. Not all of you, some of you really need to restart their brains and stop thinking that their only role in this life is cooking and cleaning (that is what the cook and cleaning person are for) and raising kids (it's not your sole job)! Yeah you can do much more for the community, in the industry, for the country, just believe!

So did this post distract you with all these photos of these sexy and beautiful women? I really don't know why they're here. I have no idea what my point is. Hmmm. You got an idea what my point was? Maybe I just wanted to tease you. I donno.

Thanks for twitter people for helping me find these photos and include them in this post.

Happy Women's Day :)


  1. Nice, I like it (except that you didn't use the picture i sent to you :p)
    Happy Women's Day

  2. Who you exactly? And sorry I got a lot of photos lol. I had to downsize :P and some didn't open. and some were sorta porn like hehe

  3. I find myself looking for Facebook's "Like" button.

  4. Awesome article Funky!! The photos & the title speak for themselves!!

  5. U made your point loud and clear ... in some pictures even transparent >:)
    believe it or not ,i actually read the post, between the pictures . u have my support...

    the only thing is that, i thought you still need some pics , so i'm still googling (A) ... Oh. got to go ;)

  6. Thanks peeps, glad it came out the way I wanted it to. didn't want to talk a lot.. used the photos. sends a message i hope :)

  7. I'm back & not to recheck the pics (who am i kidding? )

    Actually wanted to reply to Lil's comment.
    Believe it or not the combination of the photos with the Text, although without a direct link, but very relevant.
    U wrote about, feeling complete,not just an Unfinished project waiting to be finalized. The Pictures posted are of very Influential women each in their own surroundings, accomplished things without relying on a male figure to get there. I don't think if Nathalie Portman (OMG OMG OMG :P ) bought a house, she would get that sort of questions that u mentioned. So ,message delivered i guess, "YES YOU CAN" (Obama < all rights reserved)

  8. PS. Nathalie Portman was suggested by moi, I'm glad it brought pleasure to your senses :P

    I simply agree. I am whole on my own, le reste est très accessoire. Unfortunately, many many women still believe the absence of a man in their lives (eg. marrying & having kids) is considered failure. Dommage :)

  9. I got the same response recently when I said I wanted to buy a house. Thank goodness my parents supported the decision and said it was a good investment decision as well ;-)

  10. Sareen akid investment :P also for me it's about having a house that has a parking space :S

    Arch, yes yes yes :D exactly

    Rhea, you go girl :D

  11. I have always appreciated women who came to realize that they were granted two beautiful things that men don't have: A beautiful brain, and a beautiful body. Yet what always confused me is the following (and I have seen real life examples)

    1. Women fighting for equality, yet still disappointed when a men doesn't give out his place on a bus
    2. Women always relating "freedom" with housework (so if men do the housework, you are free? what about "co-houseworking")
    3. Women identifying marriage as something that tighten them to home (Then maybe you didn't marry the right guy?)
    4. Women prioritizing work over family (Whatever happened to "heaven is under mum's feet" << translate into arabic :) )

    Hope I made my point. (and mind you that one of the reasons I married my wife was because she was a working lady)

    Cheers and beautiful post.

  12. Riad
    1. I don't fight for equality, and I would only give up my seat to kids & old people!
    2. very true point :) (thus the cleaning "person")
    3. True that, and it's happening a lot.
    4. I also agree, I always think if I ever have a family, I'd like shorter working hours so I can be with my kids!

    Point made, thanks a lot for commenting, it's your first, makes me smile

  13. I do not know how the stronger gender got to such point of marginalization (or maybe I do but don't wanna get too philosophical or historical or anti-religious etc.) but it only could have happened with its permission as we all are very aware that men can do nothing without her permission : )

    Great post. WAKE UP LADIES!

  14. Julien hehehe true :) its okay, I think we ladies are finally picking it up

  15. Equality schmequality. My boss is a woman and the janitor knows more about the company than she does. Yet she gets the credit and big the fat cheque. If she can make it, any woman can. The important thing is, Mila Kunis is one fiiiinnne woman!
    I don't know if my point is related to the post but damn those photos are distracting!

  16. Anonymous :P what's your name?

  17. I couldn't fully read the article, I'm in the office and some photos are considered NSFW here (LOL), so I only have 1 thing to say:
    To all the women out there, if you stay natural, use less make-up and never do plastic surgeries, you'll always be beautiful and sexy, even when you hit 80 years old.
    You're all beautiful, Happy IWD!

  18. On another note, I did look at all the pictures several times before reading the article :p shi bi sharrif

  19. much more than the differences in thinking and views among genders i noticed the differences in cultures: in europe, last time you came across articles like this was the late 80s!
    good job on though-provoking impulse, hope it reaches the right people!

  20. Sorry I"m a bit late on this! Happy Int'l Woman's Day!