Monday, March 21, 2011

To my mom

It's been several years mom would be away on Mother's day.

I am guilty of not treating mom as much as she deserves, one of my biggest flaws is my attachment to my laptop, internet and writing. She'd be sitting right there beside me, but I'd be living in my own binary world. If not that, I'd be out and about. In a nutshell, I appear as a lousy daughter.

But what mom doesn't know or maybe it's because I don't show it much, is how much I love her, admire her and respect her.

Mom taught me to be honest, to respect, to dream, to change the course of my life if needed, not to be afraid to speak my mind, and all that without offending people.

Mom taught me an important lesson. So many times I'd get back home angry from something, and instead of blindly supporting me, she would actually point out if it was my fault, but in a cute manner. Of course I'd get mad at her, go to my room, close the door like any teenager, adolescent and adult :P would do, but when I'd sit alone, I would ponder about how wise she is, and would realize that I should be more fair and more objective.

I always had a bad temper, I still do. Everyone who knows me are thinking: "But you're so calm!" Yes I am, and it is because of mom. She helped me learn how to control my anger and look at things more positively.

I am a better person, a more patient one because of you mom. And I owe my imagination and modest (really modest) creativity to the stories you used to make up for me before I'd go to sleep when I was a child.

You my mom, are the most important person in my life. 

Be happy mamie, and khalleh 3al daghet ba2al yinzal 7ajik m3ateltineh hammik :P Ba3dik sabiye wlo!


  1. so sweet, Allah ykhalilna our moms :-)

  2. Precious, precious Moms! Allah ykhaliha :-)

  3. you were & you are always my world :) ana ma ba3ref ella 7ebbik KTIR w yemkin aw2et aktar min ktir.....that's all i can do !! thx 3al kalem el 7elo w yelli kello e7ses sincere . You are My Diva !! Bisoux

  4. Aren't you and your mom so cute :-) Happy Mother's Day!