Thursday, March 01, 2007

Perhapsi yes perhapsi no

He asked me: "Don't you want to get the answer now?"
I replied: "Well sure, why not!"
He called the other guy, they both sat down, had some laughs on my expenses.
The first said: "You know, it could be a yes or a no."
I laughed, knowing from the first moment, that it is a yes, but still hiding my excitement and smile, I made myself think of death so I stay calm.
After some time of teasing and back & forth questions and answers, they said: "Welcome".

And then I smiled, a very big smile. If I had a chance, I would've said what Homer Simpson says:



  1. youhouuuu...hope you're celebrating this.

  2. Mabrouk! Was it a job interview? or it could be for a Visa, since it's trendy these days.

  3. Mabrook :'( (you know i am very touched ;) and we will not get the chance to work (not so much) together:D

    I knew you can make it!!!

    so shou 3am bi ddayfi?

  4. Thank you guys and girl, I got some cake yesterday, mom thought I had the interview today, so she was surprised!

    NT, I already got the visa last summer.

    Yalla ta3o kilo cake :D

  5. great!!!! GOOD LUCK Lil!
    hope you'll be happy

  6. MABROUK!!!!! Great news!