Sunday, April 22, 2007


Child dreams, wishes and fantasies. We grow up dreaming of so many accomplishments, or so many adventures, we grow up watching heroes and hearing Snow-white and sleeping beauty's romantic stories, rainbows and clouds are very similar to marshmellows upon which you can walk and jump and they're concret objects!

And then science comes and explains to you the reality behind clouds and rainbows and the fact that if we try to stand on them, gravity sucks us down... Assures us that super heroes do not really exist, and there is no planet called cryptonite, proves to us that princes do not wake up beautiful dead women by kissing them (and as Krys pointed, if you kiss an ugly frog, no it does not turn into a hot muscular charming 6 packs guy)

What's left for us to do? We indulge and sink in the material world, the dreams change, our principals die. Expensive bling-bling cars, huge yachts and fancy travelling become our dreams, question: do they really make one happy? Can't give you an answer as I am not even categorized in Middle class.

Well I say no way! I still want to be able to fly and save the world, to enjoy slippery rainbows and fly down using my own home-made parachute.


  1. U forgot to mention those ugly frogs being kissed by a lady and turning out to be real charming and u grow up to find out that the world is full of nothing but ugly frogs remaining ugly frogs bi kiss w bala kiss lol :))

  2. And you should drink more often Tequila and vodka :)))

  3. And you should always have "la tete dans le bleu meme si les pieds sont dans le noir" no matter what :))

  4. And I should get my ass out of here and jump to bed :D

  5. haha, mwale3tiya! I did forget the frog story!!!! In addition to this I made shi 20 grammatical and spelling mistake :P hayda te2sir el tequila + vodka