Sunday, April 22, 2007

Genious discovery, Patent claim

A new way has been discovered in order to know the exact date a picture has been taken!!! See above photo for more info.

P.S. Hot Mint Chocolate and Marshmello in the mug (bought from Starbucks). RECOMMENDED BI OUWWé
P.S. #2 Homer Simpsons appears in photo
P.S. #3 Dexter & Didi appear in photo, toy gotten from Burger King


  1. Dear Lilo...
    I have a recommendation for you, replace your CRT monitor with LCD.
    The radiation from CRT screens are bad.
    1)For your Eyes.
    2)They cause lost of apetite.
    3)They cause insomnia

  2. They cause loss of appetite? hmmm :P am keeping it.

  3. hmmmmm ma fhemet, how would we know when the picture was taken?

    P.S inteh fej3aneh :)

  4. Mx9, if you click on pic to enlarge it, you will see a manual calendar which i update daily.. :P

  5. oh and bi khsous el faj3aneh, la halla2 la 3refet? :P

  6. hahahahahahha and I thought it was smg more sophisticated and I, the debile, couldn't catch it...tel3it heyde l calendrier noir in the pic wiz ze red & green lights hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah

  7. walla mannik hayyneh ya Liliane! :)
    bass "Hot Mint Chocolate and Marshmello"? BEKEH SHI? :S

  8. Krys :P:P:P

    Coco!! You have to try it, the Mint Chocolate, is actually a sachet from Cadbury, as for the small marshmellows you can get them from anyway, IT TASTES GEWD!

  9. I'm not a big fan of mint chocolate unless I have indigestion and I still want to pig out LOL Bass on the cold Lebanese nights I would try kebbeyit Cacao with Marshmallows men 3end StarCoco to save my bucks lol

  10. shoufeh coco, el mint ya3ne is only a nak-ha, you know ana it was the first time i drink hot chocolate in a decade, so ... khalas next spring, elik Hot Chocolate min idaye bala starcoco bala ballout :P

  11. hehehe OK, I gladly accept :)

  12. inte non!!!

    hihi, wlek you're most welcome, atyab choucoulata min idayyé :D

  13. :))) choucoulata choucoulata...ken fi egyptian song esma hek si je me trompe pas hahhahaaha :D