Tuesday, April 03, 2007

It's okay, it's alright

So, as my friend Joseph put it, I am counting upwards while last month the countdown was... down obviously. It's been two days already, and I am the new girl. Well there is also another new guy, so we're half half new. I am learning new things, and while yesterday I had maybe a 2% doubt whether quiting my previous job was the right decision or not, after today, the 2% have vanished, I am convinced that it was a good choice.

The thing is I always expect the worst, this way whatever happens, I feel ready for it and barely disappointed, but J pointed out to me that I also never enjoy anything...

It's a habit that is really hard to get rid of, I think people describe it as Pessimism, and apparently I should become more optimistic. Fingers Crossed.


  1. Yalla. yalla mabrook thumbs ups! i was in your position exactly 3 months ago!!

  2. My friend liliane,

    As long as the job doesn't apply routinely daily tasks, u will be fine. This is what I am trying to search for, a non-routinely work but it really depends on the nature of technlogies you work on.

    Always enjoy what you know and what you are capable of. Be stubborn for things u don't know that would create pessimiss in the future.

    Void always create pessimmissm but if you know your capabilities, What you want and what the future will look like you will have a clear vision that might build a great confidence in yourself. Nothing is more precious and beautiful than a simple realistic thinking (simplistic approach) but if you wanna be different think complex!

    I am one of many that still beleives that the biggest dreams can still come true.

    It's ok, it's alright, and you will be fine.

  3. Hey mmm(x3)... well its been 4 days and I got used to them already salbeh :D

    Joseph, you're right, w keep being optimistic, I heard it pays off hehe. I actually enjoy learning new things, i love it as a matter of fact w en meme temps teghyir shekel mitel ma bi oulo.