Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Talking about fears

Inspired by NT who was inspired by MMMMMMMMM, I decided to talk about my fears too.

I am afraid of worms.
I am afraid of getting old.
I am afraid of losing someone I love so much, thus I try not to love as hard as I can.
I am afraid of losing my memory.
I am afraid of being thought of as less intelligent than I think of myself.
I am afraid of never finding happiness.
I am afraid of never accomplishing anything.
I am afraid of going to the bank.
I am afraid of doing any kind of paperwork needed to be processed, waiting in line and stuff.
I am afraid of dying.

Oké bi kaffé la lyom!

P.S. As a matter of fact it was poshlemon who inspired NT in the first place concerning writing about own's fears. So thanks Posh

- I am also afraid of flying (planes)


  1. Wlik ktir heyk wlo Lilo :(
    If you live your life thinking of what you're afraid of, you will never do anything that brings you satisfaction and happiness and I mean REAL satisfaction and happiness (so clearly I am not talking about something something). Come on! Ma badda hal2add... same goes to NT and MMMMMMMMM

    How about a "Talking about happiness" post next time? ;)

  2. Coco, i ahevn't written my fears yet... bass lilo encouraged me so here i go, yalla check my blog!

  3. hmmm...
    I was thinking about the things I am affraid of and only two came out.

    1)I am afraid of heights
    2)I am afraid of snakes.

    other than that, I think I am too insensitive.

    I am not afraid of dying at all, well hmm... I am afraid of being paralyzed instead, I mean when I die, I die...that's it, its over, no pain, no nothing, but like breaking my neck and be paralyzed completely is damn scary....not that scary because with stem cell research they will probably find a way to fix in a few years.

  4. Lilzi,

    good work. It is very soothing to admit one's fears.

    p.s. I am the one who inspired Nobilis. matday3ouleh 72ou2e!!!

  5. haha sorry poshlemon, ana at work i skim through blogs 3al sari3, fa i thought it was NT awal shi, yalla halla bzabbeta! w you're right, its nice to admit them, makes the person more aware and stronger, that's what I wanted to tell COCO :) plus you get the best reactions, advices or whatever from the person who reads them, so thanks coco.

    M(x9) yalla ana jeye shouf shou katabet.

    Kodder, you're right, i should add it to my list of fears lol... not funny when you think about it :S

  6. Lilzi,

    mahdoumeh ente! I did not really want you to put an acknowledgement for me but thanks :)

    Actually, when I was typing my post, I was really not sure whether I was going to submit it. I contemplated it for 5 good minutes before I clicked the button. It really is not easy; somethings people just cannot understand and in turn this may lead to you being misunderstood or thought of as "wacko" or "crazy"... But, I thought I'll just do it for the heck of it!

  7. Yeah I know you didnt ask for ackowledgement hehe, but I did it anyway, it took me like 2 secs.

    As for admitting your own fears, I took me 1 minute to write it, and clicked on publish post immediately as my friend was waiting for me to go out. It felt good.

    And, I would be disapointed if I am labelled by my friends as a non-wacko or non-crazy person, I really would :)

  8. For these 2 fears:

    "I am afraid of going to the bank."
    "I am afraid of doing any kind of paperwork needed to be processed, waiting in line and stuff."
    One suggestion: ATM :D

    Your fears made me smile too :D

  9. NT, sometimes you gotta withdraw money from the savings account so the ATM ma bit fid :(

    Am glad you smiled :)