Thursday, September 13, 2007

What? Who? Where?

This morning, just when I got to work, a colleague of mine said:
- "Liliane, didn't you forget something?"
I replied:
- "What? Hein?" thinking that, how would he know if I forgot something.
He said with a sort of a shocked face:
- "Layke Saideh?" (Saideh is a colleague of ours at work)
So this is when I slapped myself silly and was like : "OH SHIT!"

Yep, ladies and gentlemen, I forgot to pick up a whole person, no, I didn't forget my cellphone, or my keychain, or my food, nop I forgot a whole person!

Hurray to my super memory, it needs a medal.


p.s. Don't worry, I went back and picked her up.


  1. No wayyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    FREAK!! :)))nf

  2. hihi inte freak :P you're supposed to be my friend w t2oulileh bassita!!!

    (what is nf?)

  3. nf is "ghaltit tabe3 sorry" :P

    Did Saideh trust you to pick her up again? Ana ma7alla bekhoud el public transportation :P

  5. ah ok krys, fakkarna shi :P

    Coco, no I don't think she will trust me again, and I dont blame her lol

  6. lol, this is hilarious.. and it beats when I left the house going to work wearing only my boxers... i forgot my jeans.

  7. hahah, so you did notice before you got to work! still, yours is funnier!

  8. This is so hillarious! You forgot to pick your colleague! Oh my God!

    But, didn't Saideh ring you or remind you at all? ...because since you forgot her, she must have thought you were late and rang you.

    You must have had a long day driving all over the place and add to that, being late to work!

  9. She did! but my phone is usually on silent in the morning so...

    Luckily my work is only 8 minutes away so.. didnt take that long, and all in all i was late to work for 30 minutes so its okay :)