Sunday, September 30, 2007

Talking about happiness

Coco suggested that I write about happiness instead of fears. I know that she thought I was depressed or bothered when I wrote about my fears, but I really wasn't. I felt like, once you admit what you're afraid of, you can at least challenge it or realise it and maybe get over it.

As for happines, here's a mind breaker, I don't think it exists in general. We have been brought up to think that money does not bring happiness. However, I have lived all my life in the middle class (in a very struggling middle class, not the rich middle class), and the only thing that I can say is, Money does not NOT bring happiness, because I wouldn't know. For many, happiness is the lack of sadness, and maybe its the same with me.

You see life is nothing but a series of moments, and if you're happy this moment, then you're happy all your life.
Like when I was a kid, I used to tell myself, why is holding your breath that hard, every second just say I want to hold it for another second? But of course, it's not that simple, and being happy is not that simple either.

In my opinion, people lie to themselves all the time, they live in denial and suppressed memories. But not to sound so gloomy, I do experience happy moments in my life. Which ones? well here's a list:

1- ..

(wow writing a happy list is much harder than the fears list... wait I still didn't give up)

1- ..

(a minute passed and still nothing)

1- Having a great conversation with someone (no one in specific, just anyone, a friend, a relative, a stranger, a colleague), like a deep conversation
2- Learning about something after knowing about for so long but never knowing how it works
3- Helping someone without knowing (but of course learning about it after some time)
4- Realising each day that maybe we do have a lot of family problems, but as long as they are all alive and healthy, I am happy
5- Seeing my nephew after some time, and now another nephew was born 2 weeks ago, so double happiness
6- How some friends sometimes do the nicest small things just to show support and agreement
7- How some friends understand you when you go cou-cou
8- Receiving a gift without expecting it, even if it's a useless gift, but you know, those gifts which show that someone was thinking about you at some point
9- Eating something delicious after craving it for some time
10- Music

Wow, I did it :), thanks coco. There is a lot of stuff out there you can be happy about, you just need to know what to focus on more I guess.

My first optimistic post. Injez.


  1. WLIK EH HEYK!! :) Mmmouaaah
    Kessekhtel fears wel bad vibes, wel sad moments, wel depression, wel bad thoughts, wel negativity... We live once w anja2 (being Lebanese especially), so let's freaken enjoy it the best we can. It's a free gift from God.

    Mabrouk for the new Nephew! Nshalla bi iyyemo ykoun akbar fear "no ice cream after lunch".

    p.s. I have fears too bass if I bring them to life I get depressed, this is why I only think of happiness, or put music on :)

  2. euuuh well I am happy I was born :)) so I guess no need to make a list it will be endless :D w fears w ma fears...fonzy what doesn't kill u makes u stronger and what's the worst thing that could happen? u drop dead so what... then u'll be back to be born again in an other place in an other body hehe :))) so don't worry...beeeeeeeeeee happy!!! ;)

  3. Krys,
    Nice logic, no wonder why everyone thing you're a weirdo!!!

    What about driving a ferrari:D, eating sushi! passing your masters, getting a raise, watching Iron Maiden before every single one of tehm drop dead! Wacth bono live from sarajevo.... wlooooo ma32ool?

  4. Thanks you guys :D

    Coco merci, he's very cute :)

    Krys, eh bass fi shaghle inno inte you're not worried of dying because you believe that you will be born again :P ana i believe, when you die, you stop existing so.....

    M(x9), am not saying what WILL make me happy, but what already does :D

  5. rakkez MMMM rakkez!!! mech 7alaya hateyna comments yih!!!

    eh fonzy teb if u stop existing ya3ne u stop existing ya3ne u won t feel ure dead!!!!! so why worry abt it!!! :))))

  6. lol krys, shefte inno houwe sherak bil mawdou3 :P

    Ana I am not worried of what I will feel about death, death scares me now, because now I hate to think that I will stop feeling... do I make sense?

  7. Ooh, i thought thar you already owned a ferrari, and went to see desert rock festival! wala 7atta bono??? Ehhh waysh.... sushi guaranteed :D:D

  8. AH mbala mbala I do have a ferrari :P
    ana i meant the whole sushi thing, ma ana i dont like sushi! bass as for the ferrari, eh mazbouta hayde

  9. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH karakoz ento el tleteh