Saturday, June 07, 2008

Sleepless in Paris - Last night

Speechless in Paris is more like it, I had so much to say for the past two nights, but I had left my laptop at work (because it's also the laptop I work on), and it was a drain carrying it back and forth and especially when I go hang out after work, and am sure you know by now that there is a lot of walking around here.

The last 3 nights were just perfect, I did the last two things I wanted to do, it is go to Louvre and go on the bateau mouche, but also, I got to see another 2 of my friends and eat at the Paradis des fruits *coughs-overrated-coughs*

This is my last night in Paris, and my last night in the hotel. I might never come back here and I might come back to live, no one knows, but I did say goodbye to the metro, to the hotel, and tomorrow to Paris.

But the most important conclusion that I drew from all this is... how easy I felt integrated, and right in my place, not when the metro is too crowded, that I can never get used to.

Hasta la vista baby, so long suckers, and TADA to the next place I visit.


  1. I can feel the sort of bitter sweet attachment you have formed for Paris... I can also feel that it was a time you greatly enjoyed :)