Monday, June 02, 2008

Sleepless in Paris - Day X

I donno which day it is anymore, maybe 8th? Anyway, I got a book with me today to the metro, you know, the cool me, blending in with the french dudes and dudettes, but to my surprise, and I guess it is because it is early Monday morning, it was packed, I couldn't breeze, I had 6 or 7 stations to go, and the last 2 stations I started sweating and felt like I was gonna faint, and kept telling myself, visualize the metro empty, you are alone, there is a lot of oxygen... No, it did not work!

After I got to work, hell broke loose, too many projects to work on, not so much time, need to finish everything for production soon, still I did not panic! Later on, J told me that there is once again a problem with the whole trying to get a house loan thing, and it was a big one, nevertheless I did not panic, I reflected: "Whether you panic or not, nothing will change!"
No no, am not that deep, I didn't panic, because if I did, things would get much worse, things WILL change.

Later on, I left work hoping to meet up with any of my friends, but they all ignored me, yes, YOU and YOU and YOU.... Okay okay they have busy lives, I understand, I would've done the same thing too. But right now, I am my own center of the universe, and I wanted to hang out, but I didn't I went straight to my hotel, luckily my cousin who happens to be in toulouse, called me and kept me company from the beginning of my LIGNE 3 journey to the hotel. I had to end the call because my battery is dying. Now, don't worry, she's on life support.

After a while, I got hungry, so I followed my heart hoping to find that shaped logo, and to my surprise I did find it, I ordered a meal "sur place", it wasn't good, but it was food.

Actually people who know me will be shocked to know I ate at McDonalds, cause I hate it in Lebanon, and now I hate it in France! I usually eat at Burger King, but the last time I ate at BK was 27 December 2007. Yes I remember the date, because it happens that I LOVE BK, but I hadn't eaten there since because I got food poisened. I should've known better and not take the OFFER they had, because it's usually old. Luckily I vomited all of it, the f*cking acid in my stomach was killing me, orelse I would've gone to the hospital for sure!

Bi khsous talking a lot, you have to forgive me, but talking French all day is so agonizing that I have to vent in English at the end of it.

Fa fichez moi la paix trou de derriere!


  1. First of all, who in the blue hell they think they are. I mean even if they were busy people they should've provided some awarness to their acts.


    Paris is cool, but at the same time the people there are really boring.

    Nothing is more beautifull than a person's own family and country.

    As for the little trouble u have faced today. Don't worry, it is normal and you are GOOD enough to bypass almost any unpredicted event.

    Yalla, sleep well. Tomorrow u have a big day ahead. time to meet Sarkozy !

  2. hehe nah dont be too hard on them, they did see me the first week. And to be fair ya3ne they do have a life to live besides entertaining me :D

    Well I donno if people here are boring, I didn't really get to interact this much, they do joke a lot and all, between they don't "welcome" new peeps easily I guess.

    I hope, but lacking oxygen is a big problem :P lyom i was late to work on purpose so I can take the metro at a later time when its not so crowded!

  3. Liliane

    khay, some english please! I am enjoying your Paris diary quite immensely.

    So you don't do McDonald's cause you're a Burger King fan? hehe That's classic.

  4. haha yes! BK Fan in deed, i even used to market it! I should go back there