Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The one-man world

So this man is actually God, he noticed that heaven was utterly boring and decided to create a man, so he did. But this man was very ridiculous, he would just sit there and do nothing, so he took one of his ribs, and created another himself again, and this apple tree, and so long and so forth.
One day, this man had a country, and he was his own people, he voted and became president, but he didn't like how he as president was a dictator, he did a revolution. Later on, he started liking the revolutionary him, so he as president was so jealous of the revolutionary El Him, so he got assassinated, and he stayed President, dictator.
He was also the president of another country, and he invaded himself, him and his army, that is him. He took over the new country and joined it to his and called it the United States of MAN.
Consequently, he as man, was at this jazz show, but he was very angry at how much tax the government, he, was taking from himself, he also has been just fired by his boss, him. He hadn't eaten or slept for days, he was only drinking and drinking, until he got kicked out by the bartender, he, from the pub, and he walked along the street of NewMan, and ran into his boss, he. He was so pissed at him, so he grabbed a knife from the floor, that a hobo he threw, and killed his boss, he.
He was sent to jail. The guard, he, made fun of him. But later on he bought cigs and gave them to the guard, and the guard let him out. And he was free again.

He saw life from a different perspective. More flowers, more green, brighter sunshine, lovely birds cruising the skies, laughter and kids playing and screaming. Families, musicians, couples holding hands, tall skyscapers, corn, hotdog sandwiches, scooters, ...

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