Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Kylie - Part III

...In'n'out and pig it till we drop!"

Then she smiled... she smiled the whole way. They got there, he took the double, she took the standard one, with the extra special sauce of course. She watched him eat. And couldn't stop smiling!*

The thing is, sometimes people forget what happiness is really about. You're living in this moment, right? This moment, not the previous one and not the up-coming one. It's this one. How hard is it to enjoy this moment.

It's not that simple, you see, you have to be with the right person to do it, you have to be doing something cute, something simple, something true and something fun...

*"You're amazing, you know that?", she said it while smiling.
As he wiped the sauce of his lips with his tongue, he smiled back and looked at her and said: "Are you trying to get into my pants or something?"
She cracked up, and couldn't stop laughing and hitting him at the same time.*

She's genuinely happy with him, it's just fun, it's just a series of great fun moments! Do you get it? The peace she's feeling at this point. She's just threw this huge load off of her shoulder, and now she's with someone she loves and cares for, and most importantly, someone she trusts blindly.

*Slight smile... observing eyes, she drowned in his eyes, moving downwards to the side of his mouth, she saw a wrinkle... and then she saw many. The thing is, he only had one, but she saw many, suddenly his beard turned gray, and more wrinkles started being drawn, like blood going through new veins, around his eyes...*

How often do you see yourself ageing with someone? You know, there are those friends that you know, when you change jobs, or change countries, or change marital status, you'll lose, but there are those, who will remain with you till you grow really really old. You can see yourself sitting with them on the porch, sipping on hot tea, and talking about your fun memories and experiences together. This is what Kylie saw... with a bit more and closer than she thought she would.

*- So you're not going to ask me what happened?
-Hmmm! Why should I? Would it make a difference? Would you feel better? Would I have any added value on the subject? Drink your coke light babe! We have all the time to talk about it...

Instead of getting angry, she smiled again, she understood what he meant exactly. But something inside of her was tickeling her... she feels like she's in...*

My friend came over, I have to go and spend some quality time with her. Sorry again!