Saturday, November 14, 2009

Our Fun(d) Raising project! Care to help?

Ok so, with no more introductions, some friends and I have been working on this project "Fun(d) Raising"; look at the banner on the right, yep, that right, the pink one?! Yep so, it's non-profit of course, we're doing it to collect toys for kids who aren't fortunate enough to get a gift for Christmas!

What can you do? You can donate toys, or attend the events we're organizing in which we get to raise the money which we'll use to buy gifts!

The first event is set, check it out here. If you can come and bring your friends that will be awesome, for those who aren't in Lebanon, yep you guessed it, let your friends who are in Lebanon know about this!

I am really counting on my friends, without them, I will be bowling alone probably!

p.s. If you see me looking like shit, it's because I'm literally working and studying and freelancing and spanishing and fun raising and ... argh! So eh, don't tell me I look like shit, LIE!!


  1. your amazing! i will definatly let my family know. have you thought about setting up a paypal account? i bet a lot of lebanese out of the country would be willing to contribute...i woould!

  2. You look like... a flower ;).
    Hats off to you, and good luck in this.

  3. Angie sure! but the problem is we don't accept money :) Btw Say hi to Marcel for me! Are you guys coming to Leb anytime soon?

    Serpico, you don't know how I look like aslan lol!

  4. i wish we were...but it looks like we wont be getting any vacation time till next summer.

  5. liliane_
    I do know how you look like :P and serpico is right :P
    and your heart is even bigger than... mmm a greyhound bus...

    bravo! what you are doing is super. I used to organize something like that with my friends when I was in lebanon, and I do actually know how exhausting this may be...
    courage my dear... keep those kids smiling.

  6. Best of luck on that, it is really a beautiful thing to do; I know that a lot of lebs were born outside Lebanon but I didn't know that some were born in the north pole :D, I'll try to inform some friends abt it.

  7. Mabrouk for the new url, but why did you change the name?? Can you please add the blogroll feed to the side? :P