Saturday, November 28, 2009

Too much too little

Sometimes things appear to be enormous in your head, so important you feel you want to share with the world, but you're too tired to do so, so you go to sleep and wake up the next day to find them to be very insignificant.

Who cares right? You just have to say what's your mind, at least on your own blog. My blog is very important to me because sometimes I think I changed too much to find later on I always had it in me, and other times I would be afraid I am still the same and haven't evolved to find out later on that I have.

I went to Anathema concert 2 Saturdays ago, and attended to a local band's performance 2 nights ago. All I can say is that metal is still in my blood. I thought I left it on my hard-disk and focused more on my new liking, jazz and blues... to my surprise, I still get chills and my adrenalin increases when I listen to metal and rock. I like it, it makes me feel alive. But I have a regret of never joining a band. I know I don't have the greatest voice in the world, but it's "listenable" and well.. I feel so happy when I sing.

The other thing that was on my mind was my recent diagnosis with TMJ disorder, Temporomandibular joint disorder... still can't pronounce right. I am sharing this because I think many people out there got it, but they're always wrongly diagnosed. I just want to raise awareness about the subject. It's not just the jaw or the joint, much more pains are related to it. I identified with too many symptoms, and the doctor guessed everything just by looking at the x-ray pictures, didn't have to tell him anything. He knew about my neck and shoulders pain, my headaches, eyes pain and ears, migraines, the electric pain I get above my right eye, my bones pain, lower back and leg, lack of concentration, intolerance with direct light and loud sound.

On one side I am happy to find out there is a reason for many of my aches that no one was able to explain, also happy there is a treatment, the down side? It's costly. Several thousands of dollars! But am going for it. If that makes me a normal person again, then what the hell. Plus, the state doesn't remain the same, it gets worse, so I want to avoid clinical depression and more illnesses.

Norah Jones changed her style, I don't get why. I mean she explained why, am just pissed cause I liked her old style.


  1. I agree about Norah Jones :)

    I love metal. I adore Gothic metal. I also love other sorts of metal but with caution; i.e. I love slower tempos with a slight domination of the bass guitar. Anyways, to cut a long story short, I just don't like the new Anathema. They did great music in the beginning, which echoed their death doom influences from several British bands, who set the trend for the death doom subgenre. After that, I don't know...

    About what you have... It's very courageous of you to reveal your intimate details, maybe bear open your soul, in front of others who will read and who may judge. I am sure you will overcome this disease. Not only by medical attention because that's a given, but more so by your strength and determination to not allow such a painful anomaly get the best of you. And from what I read on your blog, you're a tough one :)

    Keep smiling!

  2. I liked the old anathema more too :) oh and also the dominance of the bass guitar :D

    Bass guitar is so underrated, no one knows that it actually fills all the gaps in a the music.

  3. oh and : ) for the other part. nshalla kheir

  4. Sans indiscretion fonzy but what kind of TMJ pathologies r u having that costs thousands of dollars? R u gonna have surgery?? Usually TMJ path. takes a lot of time to be healed and it costs but not this much unless ure having a surgery to correct either the "menisque articulaire" or the "condyle"...
    Si ca te gene pa, wouls u mind emailing me abt ur problem? I really can help u know why hehe ;)

  5. So, it seems like you used to go to Peak Hall and Kalinka some years back ;)

  6. Krys replied to you by mail (the one you use for blogger)

    Serpico, yyyep :)

  7. So maybe we've seen each other ;)

  8. fonzy didn t get anything!! send it back on fb :)