Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Why I am not married yet!

Conversation #1:
-"So..." he looked at my left hand ".. are you married?" He asked
-"Nop, I'm not!" I answered
-"Why?" He asked

I stared at him for 3, 4 seconds and replied: "Why are you wearing a flannel?"

That was a real conversation I had with a guy I knew back at school, and yes he was wearing a flannel! (I believe I had more right asking him about his indecency - i.e. wearing a flannel to pecha kucha night, then him asking me why I'm not married yet)

Conversation #2:
-"Hey lilo!" mwah mwah "missed you so much!" hugs.. then he looked at my left hand, then right hand, then he said: "Not married? nor engaged?"
-I answered "No!" with a smile on my face. These were two guys I knew years back during the metal scene. These two were the last persons I thought would ask me such a question!

Conversation #3:
-"I thought you were married ya 7abibte!" The cleaning lady said
-"Oh, because it's a big house?" (it's 3 bedrooms and I live alone in it, so I assumed she calculated the beds)
-"No no... but .. because you're what, 25? I thought you were married that's why!" She continued, insinuating that 25 is a bit old to be still single
-"Oh noooooooo, I am not 25! I'm 29!" (I am still 28, still got 2 weeks, but wanted to rub it in her face!)

Conversation #4:
(post edited, I just remembered this conversation!) That was summer 2007.
- "How old are you? 26? You should be married already!" - Cousin's husband said
- "hmmm... don't get it, why?" I innocently asked.
- "You've got only like what... 10? 11 years where you can have children!!" He continued

And then you should've seen my face! My biological clock was ticking, only 11 years, how will I make it? how will I get married, have intercourse, get pregnant and have a child within 11 years? This is just too little... god *I cried*.. god please, have mercy... (Ok, no I didn't do that, my brother actually jumped in and told him to f*ck off)

I am still single, I am 29 years old, the reason why I am not married (answering the people who look at me with pity in their eyes 'cause am still single) is (pick your favorite):
- I am just butt ugly
- I burp and fart and that ain't lady like!
- I am a lesbian
- I nag too much that nobody wants to marry me
- I can't have children
- I am abnormal
- I am so f*ckin' stupid and boring, even zuzu ibba doesn't wanna marry me
- Nobody ever proposed
- Nobody loves me
- I am too smart and too pretty and too sexy that many men feel intimidated by me and can't handle me.
- I was waiting for you all my life.
- In reality the guy I love died, a dragon came and bit his head off

Seriously, what do people expect from me to say when they ask me "why aren't you married yet?"


  1. Hate it when people ask such questions! (personal stuff) MA KHASSON! I love how you wrote about this... very true.. I'm 23 and my granma is STARTING to ask me "shou? yalla.. sar lezem.."

  2. I totally understand your situation, my girl passed through the same experience before we got engaged, and even more!
    Her parents did not know about me when we were together prior to the engagement, and her whole family were sending out STRANGE guys to propose to her, in fear ino she might become "m3annseh"!!

    It was AWEFUL!

  3. Well, In their mind, it's like "the next thing" in your life..

    I guess -in their logic- it would be similar to seeing a 7 year old who's not going to school. Everyone would ask: "Why aren't you in school? shouldn't you be going to school?"

  4. - I am paying 150 usd for 1 bed + internet + kahraba + alfen darbeh sikhneh and no cleaning lady !
    bit2ajrineh 3indek ?? ( joking )

    - on the metal scene part... you still rock \m/

    - do you know in what direction that head biting dragon went?

  5. I just turned 26 last month and I've been going through this a lot lately. Especially when everyone around me is getting married. I can't keep up with the weddings lol And you know, when your friends get married, they start wishing upon you the same fate hehe!

    I don't like how our society looks at marriage. It is a huge turn off. But in my mind and my own bubble, I have a completely different notion of what a marriage is.

  6. There are some retards that think that a woman is not complete if she doesn't have a child. And some more retards that don't accept the idea of a woman having a child outside the marriage...
    I hate retards...

  7. i am sure if you had lesbian tendencies zuzu ibba will reconsider!

  8. I doubt it, zuzu ibba is gay!

  9. Mireille, call 01-875100 Clean Corner! 5$ an hour!

  10. I don't like it when people ask me that question either! Is there some rule stating we should get married before xx years old? *rolling eyes*

    When people ask me when I'm going to tie the knot, I always smile at 'em and reply "Why should I? I'm becoming a nun!"

    Hahaha XD

    Btw, I'm so enjoying reading your posts. I'm adding you to my blogroll, ok? :)

  11. i just answer that i dont want to get married for now. im happy and that's the most important thing.
    people get married and then you hear them say yi yaret ma tjawazna w yaret ma jebna wled! w henne zeton byejo w byerja3o byes2alouke!
    it's like we must do that when we turn 26-30. but why? because everyone is doing it ya3ne?
    people should start living together first.

  12. You can either accept the society you live in, or you move out and live outside without being bugged by such perceptions.

    Nevertheless, I have already proposed to you ;)

  13. Angele, oh, should add your answers to my list lol

    Viola... totally agree

    Serpico, proposing on blogspot doesn't count, maybe if it was wordpress i would have taken it more seriously :P

  14. la la .. 3ala facebook ya liliane ! 3a rass l sate7 heik kil l 3alam bya3ref.. or at least 3ala twitter !

    yalla on next tweetup nshala mnefra7 minkon :P

  15. Last year I was on the plane from BEY to Frankfurt and two rather young Lebanese men from the country side were discussing marriage (translated from arabic/with a THICK accent).

    loser#1: Are you married?
    loser#2: No, not yet. I don't have time to look around!
    loser#1: Do what I do. My mom and sister go out to the village and look for potential brides for me, then they talk and keep in mind the ones that they like and when I come for holidays, they invite them at home. So just ask your sister or someone who has good taste in your family to go look for someone while you're in Germany.
    loser#2: Ahhh...you're right. Good strategy.

    This is true and sad.

  16. There is a very logical reason why you aren't married. Lebanese men are wack, and they have no game..you've done your self a favor!

    And FLANNEL? Now that's just a crime.

  17. they expect u to have a normal life and enjoy mother hood.. trying to un-brainwash all the bullshit u got from the "bolden 7adareyeh"