Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Sub-Consciousness Analysis

I had several weird dreams last night. The first was about a friend of mine, who got married last July (no children yet), anyway I saw her and a daughter who's called Celine (or something close to it), and her daughter was very cute and smart. So I sent her an sms today telling her about it, it turns out she's pregnant.

The second was about Liam Neeson in Taken, there were rooms with no ceilings all beside each other, so in total we can say it's a very long rectangle, but the floor was a garden, with some plants and a lot of snow. Anyway some guy told a little girl (9 - 10 years old) to play in the second room, then Liam Neeson comes to get her, the girl has vanished. Apparently the first guy's partner hid her. So Liam Neeson decides to search for her in the last room, the other guy (who had a large wooden stick in his hand) tells him: "What's your motivation?" Liam (eh first name basis), says: "If I don't find her in the last room, you can shove this stick in my a$$" (Naughty Liam eh?), so he goes and finds his girl, and then beats the hell out of the guy with the stick.

The other dream was that my boyfriend parked his car beneath my building, he had a convertible car, beige leather seats, and it was black (a dream indeed :P), anyway some people started bashing some of the car (in a very girly way), and I started yelling all the way form the balcony at them. Then we went down, I saw it, fixed it, was too easy to fix. This dream has no meaning, does it?

Ok been a long time since I saw my friend or spoke with her, and been a long time since I saw the movie Taken. How does my brain function? No Idea!


  1. So, what exactly did you smoke last night?

  2. I've seen this movie somewhere.

  3. I'm the queen of weird dreams so yeah I totally understand you! Hahaha :P

    For instance, once I had this dream about a friend of mine getting married and the next day I told her about it on msn. I was surprised when she told me she and her bf were planning to tie the knot by the end of the year.
    Sometimes I have premonitory dreams as well o_O