Thursday, February 11, 2010

Rolling in Spanish

So yesterday during my Spanish class, I actually came up with a
pretty-weak proverb nevertheless it makes me proud:

"No es importante como morir, pero como vivir"

The idea behind this came after reading a text about someone who's
defending the unhealthy way of living, for example many people claim
that why should they stop smoking, they say even if smoking kills,
they might die at any moment from any silly accident like a piano
falling on their heads from a building's balcony.

However, the counter argument which is very simple and which many
people fail to see, it's about the fact of how we live, and not how we
end up dying. I don't want to be having problems breathing for the
last 10 years of my life, some people jog and eat healthy and end up
dead from a heart attack, yet didn't they feel healthy and enjoy it
until the end?


  1. Great thinking!

    But, and especially in Lebanon, they have this defeatist attitude towards life. Like when I quit smoking, I always got asked "why did you quit smoking? heik heik ra7 tmouteh"... and so on.

  2. Joseph Ghassan2/13/2010 7:47 PM

    When you are immortal, life is just the beginning...

    I shall live FOREVER.

    btw, Spanish language sucks.

  3. posh, still hanging in there eh? with life without smoking? :D

    Joseph, you are a weird weird guy!