Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's day, not so comfy!

It all started with us going towards the north while participants came through the opposite side of the highway towards the gathering that was taking place in Martyr's place to commemorate the memory of Rafic Hariri.


Anyway, after arriving to Amyoun, we took a right and then went to a village which name is very hard and can't remember, I think it's "Deir Shibtit".

We started our hike which was supposed to be an application for the photography workshop we took the day before. So here are some stuff I learned, mainly the cottony water effect. Enjoy!

Coincidently I was wearing a t-shirt that said on it "Coquelicot"


It was supposed to be a moderate level hike, turns out the guide was bored and took us from a harder track. The track was too hard that my muscles are hurting me a little bit too much today, to the point that I was walking like a penguin the whole day.



I personally liked the below one. Daisies were everywhere. Plain beautiful.

It didn't feel like a day in February at all, we were all in T-shirts, the river's water wasn't so cold and while going back home we ate ice-cream, it felt like August.


  1. Nice trip. You just made me miss Lebanon.

  2. tab yalla come, we'll go hiking somewhere!