Sunday, February 21, 2010

Youngest boys to commit murder

I remember watching an episode of Law and Order about a kid committing murder, and the detectives trying to understand what incited a kid to become evil, was he tortured? was he raped? what happened? At the end of the episode, the insinuation of the fact that kid WAS evil and did not become evil, was frustrating to me. This never left my mind.

To my surprise, I received yesterday an email asking us to sign a petition concerning "Little Jamie", who was 3 at the time (1993) and murdered by two 10 year old boys, brutally tortured before they placed him on the train's railway in hopes that it would hide the atrocities they performed on him. The kid was lured away from his mom in a mall, and they made him walk for 4 km until they stoned him, put paint in his eyes, stuck batteries in his mouth in addition to hitting him with bricks and iron. Story can be found here.

Apparently, the episode of Law and Order I mentioned above was based on the murder of James Bulger.

I did not find any reference on the mental and psychological status of these two boys, sadly these two boys were released in 2001, with new identities unknown to the media. It said, that one of the boys, did not show remorse.

My question is, and that is beyond me, can babies be born evil? Some say a baby is born neutral and then life's injustices and misfortunes, even TV create a criminal, what if that's not the case?

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  1. 1- stop reading creepy stuff

    2 - no, babies are not born evil.. some psychology reading would help.. from what i recall, kids at first don't know what good and bad/evil are and those values are passed to them

    the 10 years old who comited the crime are not "babies" anymore - i think their parents should have received some sort of warning to take care of their kids education
    they should be placed in a special school or under monitoring of a shrink
    they might commit lot of stuff if they don't think that what they did is wrong