Friday, October 01, 2010

Breast Cancer might be around the corner, get yourself checked

Trying not to repeat myself from previous years and during every October, knowing that October is the Breast Cancer Awareness month, therefore I will try to say something new here.

Usually women aged 40 and older are more prune to having breast cancer than younger women. So those women, I urge you to get a mammography every 6 months, if not, at least once a year. Moreover, if you have cancer history in your family, even if you're young do get a mammography, my best friend was only 16 when she got diagnosed with breast cancer. Unfortunately, she did not make it.

I have to admit though, she was a true fighter, I don't know how that happens, how women diagnosed with breast cancer, how a teenager for that matter, confront such an ordeal in such a strong manner.

I know mammography is not a walk in the park, but it doesn't really hurt that much, and you should be better safe than sorry.

Also note that, there are ways a woman can check for lump in the breast, and that can be done every month. There are many videos online, just google: "How to check yourself for breast cancer"


  1. Great Lil... Hope more will join in spreading the message :-)

  2. It's a good thing to repeat over and over again, Cancer is no joke.

  3. Gotta agree with "A Bare Truth"...cancer is rampant in my family..I've learned to be aware of my health and to pay attention to my body..In this day and age we all have to! Thanks for the reminder!