Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Chile miners to surface starting today

For some reason, this story touched my heart and I have been keeping up with its news. These guys in Chile (33 of them) were trapped for over  2 months (since August 5 due to a tunnel collapse), and the rescue was even foreseen to take place even later than now, but luckily search teams sped up with their rescue plan and it’s now ready.


Can you imagine being trapped more than 700 meters underground and there is no way out? Their psychological status is very delicate at this point, moreover they will be exposed to light after being in the dark for more than 2 months, they will be given some of sort of protection for their eyes, they will also wear a "bio-harness" designed for astronauts to monitor their hearts etc.. Once they’re out, they will be checked by doctors and they reunited with their families (noting that their families have been camping there since the incident, what an anticipation yeah?)


I was wondering how the selection will happen, will they start with the strong ones? Or the weak ones to get it over with? Apparently, they will start with the most psychologically stable ones in case something goes wrong, and then to the weakest and ill ones.


A capsule has been built, it will travel up and down (15 minutes to surface), and it is built in a way to resist any crumbling rocks over it.


Check the latest article here for more on this story.

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  1. Thank you for the update! I read that they were surfacing the other day and wanted to research it and see how it went. I'm so happy to hear they are getting out earlier than expected.