Saturday, October 09, 2010

Kylie - Part IX

*But she didn't follow. She was crying... Because she knew he didn't want her to follow him, she knew he wanted it to end before it got ugly, before they grew apart and grew as strangers. He wanted to keep that beautiful image of her, he wanted her memory to remain untouched, sacred and full of hope.

Months were gone by, Kylie found herself as a strong and independent woman. People around her were enjoying her company like she was some kind of celebrity, she projected positivity and wittiness. Yet, she was alone. For her, it was acceptable, she had come to terms with it. She felt like there was no need to be with someone in order to be happy, she understood, sharing a life with someone is her ultimate dream, but this wouldn't mean that she wasn't happy, it only means it was not complete.

She had to take a shortcut, there was too much traffic, and while at it, she passed by her ex's house. She didn't slow down, but she did take a long, a real long look. It is nice to know what that person is up to, and she thought to herself:

"Did he ever really love me? did I really matter to him? Or was it a mind trick?"

She had met her ex during a rally race. She didn't want to go, but her best friend dragged her, because her boyfriend had dragged her. So she went with them, but she had taken her phone with her on which she spent all her time playing. Cars were the least interesting thing for whole in this world.

He spotted her, she was totally his type, well, Kylie is everyone's type. She's small, beautiful, and has a posture models would die for, eyes that radiate intelligence, but face that manifests warmness. She saw him, but didn't care less. She thought: "Cute, but if he's here since 6 am to watch cars race, then well... definitely not my type!"

It was like he read her thoughts, she saw shadow near her and was immediately startled when he took her by surprise, held her arm firmly yet gently and said to her: "May I...*

It's getting a bit late and I should sleep, but should you decide to read Kylie's story (which I started in September 2008, and it had few loyal readers :), there are 8 previous parts already: I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII


  1. Oh, i've only read this part of the story but i am curious to know what comes next. It somehow describes what i am going thru with my ex... at least, i think it does

  2. I wondered what happened to this story.

    Yalla I am waiting for more :)