Friday, November 24, 2006

Gregorio Allegri - Miserere Mei, Deus

I have this music at home, a capella religious music. It is beautiful. So today while I was driving to work, I put on the radio, and naturally as the country is mourning for Minister Pierre Gemayel's death, only classical and religious music are being played on the radios. Anyway, this music came up. And as soon as I heard it I just gazed and started day-dreaming. Allegri's Miserere Dei is beautiful, sad and so hypnotic.

So here's a sample in Windows Media Player, click here.
And in RealOne Player, click here.

To hear more sample from the album, you can visit this link.


  1. nice... day dreaming while DRIVING to work... damn, how many people did you kill that day?..
    probably you don't know, because you were day dreaming :P...

  2. LOL... you know surprisingly for someone who byes-ha ktir... i drive very well :P compared to even people who focus... it's a gift lol