Monday, November 13, 2006


Sometimes when I drive home, I park my car, get out of it, enter the building and arrive to my house. After a while, I think back of what did I really do to go from the Ground Floor to the 4th Floor where my house is, and I seriously can't remember. It's like I blacked out while doing whatever I did. I don't remember if I took the elevator or the stairs, if I ran into someone, said hello to them...

This has been happening to me a lot. If somebody gives me something, after 10-15 minutes I remember and I ask myself: "Did I say thank you?". People talk to me and I either don't answer, forget if I did answer them, or what I answered them.

I am proud to say I have been promoted from human being to a Robot.


  1. Or this could be the early signs of Alzheimer's !!!!!!!!

  2. O.o

    You think? But I am only 25!!!!

  3. Alzheimer's is an equal opportunity disease anyone can get it regardless of gender, age, religion or sexual orientation ....
    Ba3den Aren't you supposed to be at work and hummmm working !!!!
    What are you doing reading my comments !!!!

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  5. I made a typo in previous comment.

    Anyway doesn't Alzheimer's usually begin after age 60.

    I receive a notice of all comments on my blog to my gmail, and I have gmail notifier :D
    Check "About Me" section

  6. Anyway doesn't Alzheimer's usually begin after age 60.

    Mballa, unless you are a 25 year old web developer working in beirut and who happens to hate her job...then all bets are off !!!

  7. *mad*

    Don't you have work to do? :P

  8. *cool* *ktir ktir cool*

    No I a homeless bum !!! :-)

  9. 3a kil 7al, Happy Birthday :D

  10. Thank you, even though you are chi 2 months late !!!

  11. Ahhh i thought maybe you were in October 3ala asses your sign is Libra. Yalla mouhem el niye :D

  12. eh akeed ana ktir b7ib el kibbeh "el niye" :P