Tuesday, November 07, 2006

No Photoshop used in these photos

I was introduced to this Chinese Photographer Li Wei on this blog, whose author said that the photographer did not use Photoshop.

Mirror (2000)

Freedegree over 25th story (2004)


  1. Liliane,

    this photographer is very creative in these captures. but actually i m writing here to comment more on ur "current playlist" thing, how pink floyd is categorized in the same tier as radiohead and other"i don't recall their names"?:)i see it almost impossible to listen to the early albums of pink floyd(albums before the release of the wall in 1979, which marks the end of their golden age), and still listen to HIM , radiohead et al.

    i know u might say that this setup suits u, but if this is really the case, i'd say u have a very-unique taste of music:p (very-unique is much gentle than weird:)).

    anyway, ur blog rocks!(if u can add a special section for coffee, it will be great)

  2. Oh hehe. Hmm of course I don't categorize Pink Floyd with HIM and others. But I have a special playlist for work, and it includes the bands I meantioned in this blog and also others (trust me if I listed the others you would be more surprised). It's just that, I like many types of music :D

    One section about coffee, coming up