Friday, January 12, 2007

Borat Under the Hammer

The Naughty Borat has got himself into trouble, so many victims of his movie, where they either fell victim to Borat, or after the movie came out, they paid the price of falling his victim, as they let out some honest thoughts (such as racism and sexism) during the footage, are now thinking of sueing or are sueing Borat!

The most unfortunate one was Dharma Arthur, the TV producer who allowed Borat to appear on her show, lost her job, and couldn't find one for 3 months!

Read more here.

I bet COCO is ecstatic to hear this news!


  1. Why why coco would be ecstatic to hear this? What's the story? Tell me tell me.

  2. Hehe well, because I had posted about the movie Borat and how funny it is but she on the other hand, didn't like it

    Mahdoumeh Coco

  3. LOL I just read this post. And yesterday Khweja Cohen won a Globe Award for BorING. pfffffffft (sorry ma asdeh tartshik lol)

    Bass laykeh, I think this msn article is exaggerated. Enno ma32oul el instructor wel fraternity boys wel madame etiquette ma keno 3erfin 3an shou el film aw at least el scene yalli henneh fiyoun? Then again, from his speech last night at the Awards show, it was obvious that many pple are suing him w MA BI ASSRO BI RA2EBTO ya***di el NA7SS.

    So yes, I am ecstatic to hear the news w nshalla 3an jadd ykoun fi ktir 3alam eymin 2yemetoun 3leyh. El media at3a nafass akid li anno wa7ad mennoun w fiyoun.

    LOL AM, rte7teh? :P

    Merci Lilo, enteh elli mahdoumeh :)

  4. LOL, you are right, aslan americans sue for the silliest reason! I understand the producer's point, but the frat boys and the driving instructors, I mean come on!

    Ana sara7a I had my fingers crossed for Sacha Cohen to win, because I wanted to see what his speech will be, funny of course, but it kinda got weird at the end, I think he's a pervert <-- LA WLO heheheh