Monday, January 01, 2007


I saw Borat 2 days ago, and it cracked me up. I barely smile, and rarely laugh. But Borat made me laugh more than 1 time. Sacha Baron Cohen did a great job being and creating the Borat character just as he did with Ali G. The first half was hilarious, although it got a bit weird for me, when Borat and his producer Azamat were running after each other, completely nude.
However, I give it an 8.5/10. Especially because there has been many scenes that are real footage and not acting, and sometimes it is hard to tell which is which.
After a couple of minutes since Azamat started having lines in the movie, I found the language familiar, but was focusing on the english translation so I didn't pick it up. Suddenly, I realized it was Aremnian, a language I hear very often and fairly understand. Yes Azamat, the Kazakhastanian producer was speaking Aremnian, and I suspected Borat was just babbling by using the "KH" pronounciation very often.
Finally, if you haven't seen the movie, go see it, it's a funny one, crazy, very well directed and shot (again with the whole real footage).
P.S. When Borat puts a sac on Pamela Anderson, I think this was real!
Borat deserves the whole fuss that had!


  1. Yes Akhdchig, Azamat was speaking Armenian, and apparently Borat was speaking Hebrew. I found the movie a bit stupid and exaggerated to my taste. Enno some lines did not need to be repeated a million times and some scenes didn't need to take 15/20 minutes of the movie :)

    The other thing that pissed me off really bad is that this Cohen guy had the freedom to publicly make fun of people, traditions and religion and get away with it; not only that, make millions in the process kamen. And when Mel Gibson or any other non-yahoudi person says "bah" against yahood, they get slaughtered. I was more tolerant towards that until Borat came along and Barbara Walters praised the movie, the character and the guy behind it.

  2. yeah I agree that he got away with it because he's jew and making fun of jews wouldn't get him in trouble. I guess it's everywhere like this!

  3. coco take it easy! if you know the actor and his previous character Ali G, you wouldn't get so mad at the movie. he mocked the jews and the american more then he mocked Kazakhistan..

    Lil, if you saw the movie in Lebanon then you have missed some 30 minutes of hilarious stuff.. yes in Lebanon the movie was censored

  4. Seriously? Censored? I am surprised because we did see the scenes where he shows his son's photo (the photo), and when he and azamat run naked through the hotel. Is there more?

  5. One of those movies where you can't stop laughing. Forget about jews and the "conspiracy", the movie is simply hilarious.

  6. L, defently censored they did not show the American football section did they?

  7. Nop, no American Football scene!

  8. Ok there you go, you have watched the censored version

  9. What's funny is,
    1- All ages were admitted
    2- Because I guess It was censored!
    3- But It still had nude scenes, vulgar language, etc...
    4- So 11 and 12 year olds were present and saw all this
    5- It was the 10:30pm seance

    Does that sound stupid enough or what? :S

  10. I guess, but i think it was still a little bit violent for 11 and 12 years old!