Monday, January 22, 2007

State of Panic

During lunch break, 2 of my colleagues informed me that they are going to ABC mall in Ashrafieh to check the 50% sales. So Yippeeeeee, I went with them. But of course, for those who are not familiar with the Sale in Lebanon, it is usually a slightly more complicated formula. In general a sale is on an Item's price which is X, if it is 30%, the final price F will be:
F = X x (100 - 30) / 100

Now in Lebanon it goes like:
Y = X x (100 + 20) / 100
F = Y x (100 - 30) / 100

Got it? Okay for those who don't like math, first they increase the original price X to Y, then they do a sale on Y and not on X. So eventually the 30% is not really a 30%, it's much less!

Anyway, I went to Aizone, I only go there when I am with my friends and THEY want to buy anything. I don't like paying much for clothes just because they are branded and their quality is not really the best quality in the world. I saw a Coat, leather coat, it is something I might wear, long, beige, so I looked at the price, something I instinctevily do, being poor and stuff. At first I thought it was 386'000 LL, "a bit expensive but maybe worth it", I reflected, but to my surprise (and I almost fainted), there was a 4th Zero, it was actually 3'860'000 LL, which is a bit more than 2'500 US$.

Conclusion: it is actually cheaper to travel to Turkey, get a real leather coat and come back!


  1. IF the coat is classic coat and not a fashionable one, then that price is not much if its of good leather and a good brand because I guarantee you that you will be wearing it for DECADES. Trust me on this one. Meanwhile, the coat you would get from Turkey, would be cheaper but will not last as much. A lot of the times I am against buying expensive brands but sometimes, in such cases, it is worth it.

  2. Yeah but still, 2500$ for a coat (chamois)? My car is barely worth 3500$! Plus Turkey is known for their good leather quality, we can go there, have a nice vacation, get a coat and come back :P

  3. Yes 2500$ for a good coat. The leater you get from Turkey is the type that easily "peels" like on the collars. Also, their designs arent as nice. I told you if its not a fashionable one season type of coat, than it is worth it. you will wear it for years to come.

  4. Yeah I guess 2500 for certain people its affordable and a good deal, not for me though. Plus the coat is not that wow :S

  5. HOLY SMOKE! (not to say the F word)
    and my latest dilemna was whether it's worth buying the $149 leather coat from Danier which has a lining for winter or 7aram to pay this amount on a real leather jacket. ALFEYN W KHAMSMIYYIT DOLLAR????? kess ekhta I can go to Lebanon TWICE with this money.

    Maybe I should work on exporting leather coats to Lebanon. It will still be more affordable for you while I could be making a good 100% profit iza baddeh. ALFEYN W KHAMSMIYYIT DOLLAR??????

  6. Heheheh, wlek eh sitna! na3am, 2500$!! Fa ana bi ra2ye, if the leather coat you saw is nice and suits you, 149$ is mwah!

  7. 2500$ damn it's like 4 allers-retours to leb lol :D
    I just wanna say one thing about the sale maths, I know that lots of stores do it but ABC, I mean the merchandise proper to ABC (and not the stores in the mall)they don't do it, my mom is a store manager at ABC and beleive badoun l sarfe w yekhlasso men l stock :P

  8. Well good to know at least one store doesn't do that. I've seen it with my own eye, I saw a sweater once for 44$, then I re-saw it after the sale for 49$ pretending that the original price was 60$. Nice eh?

  9. so2al....
    bi2awiss? byo3sor 7amod? bya3mol la7m b3ajeen? bitteer? aw shoo?

  10. Lol, well law bya3moul la7m b3ajin biya nazra shreyto

  11. Lili,

    My mom works at Aishti Women clothing, she might be able to pull you some really nice catches if you are interested!

    But for what it's worth, I still need it is tooooo expensive!

    Krys: You do not have the right to talk about shopping and prices, "Shhettik majrou7a" ;)

  12. Hehe no am not interested in bying from Aishti :P I'd rather remain among the common people

  13. M, r u haunting're everywhere!!! lol :D

  14. KrYs,

    I guess that the Blogosphere is too small to contain both of us :D