Sunday, May 13, 2007

Decision? What decision?

Does it happen to you, when you have a decision, a choice to make about a certain issue, which for one, you don't feel like thinking about, and two, it's one of those days, when your IQ is actually divided by 10, and it's so damn hard to see the pros and cons of things, anyway after you squeeze the juice out of your head and make a decision, you get busy with something else, and then you come back to the issue in question and forget what your decision was, and then you do the whole process again? And the funny thing, you reach a different decision. Finally it all comes down to: "Ini mini sini, chocolata ......"


  1. Welcome to My World... Anyway the important thing is to make a decision, even if it is the wrong one: "indecision, is the trait of a fearful mind"

  2. euh I want to say smg totally not related cuz I'm unable to scratch my neurones even for telling a joke so imagine if I start preaching you about decisions and how to take the good one and never hesitate and take the risk cause ki ne risk rien n'a rien w eno l indecision c pas grace c un processus....ouf chou ken bade 2oul??

    ah I remembered I JUST LOVE THIS PINK PANTHER PIC taram taram tarmtaram taram taram taram tarararararararararara tatrararam (this is the pink panther music :P )

  3. M(x9)... fiya nazra, bass sometimes decisions bi fawtouk bil 7et bi ouwe... :P

    Krys lol, mahdoum pink panther eh?