Thursday, May 17, 2007

Man shou hayda?

Sometimes, I stop for a second and take a look at the world around me, I can't help but think how ridiculous the human being is. We built shelter, microwaves, cars, cellphones, shoes (fashionable shoes, I mean would you wear last season's? yiiihhh yaaah!!), selling flowers, baygone to kill insects, oh and now that's funny, paying to go to the beach (you own? you own earth? WTF), headphones? ... We're like so busy with our lives, going to work every day, having politics and political shit, and wars, and concerts, and pop starts, CDs, competitions, reality TV!

Then again I think, that's not ridiculous, that's one hell of an amazing adaptation! ekhwet shliteh man!


  1. woman ente btefhamile rasse :))

    W plz don;t forget facebook among all these great achievements you're talking about walaw s2aline ana hahahaha :))

  2. hehe! Yep Facebook.. alileh el 3alam battalit te3zoum ba3da 3al phone or email :P sar by creating an event on facebook! shoot me now!!!

  3. ma ba3rif iza adaptation walla jaref ma3 el tiyyar el mesheh :)

    W 3ala fekra I didn't find this Facebook too interesting after all. I still prefer to read the blogs and chat on msn :)

  4. what is the difference between adaptation and going with the flow anyway... kil el ter2at bit waddeh 3al ta7oun :P

    Well facebook's got its advantages, meeting some old buddies again or catching up with people you lost contact with, however i cant help to think, if contact got lost, then I guess there is a reason for it.. that's how life should be, phases of people coming and going