Friday, May 30, 2008

Sleepless in Paris - Day 5?

Tip of the day for when you are in Paris:
"Look down when you're walking, or you will be stepping in dog poop, and stay in denial for an hour saying, no no it's chocolate ice-cream"

Funny scene happened yesterday, you know at metro stations here they distribute free newspapers, those that have light articles and a lot of ads. Anyway, after I got into the metro, the doors were closing, then people ran fast towards the door (I used to wonder why they did that, now I do it too), so I think the driver saw them and opened them again, but they closed so fast, and this woman's newspaper got stuck while she was still outside, unlike the usual, they re-opened the door, but the newspaper fell down, so she bent down to pick it up, and another woman came in the metro running and the door closed again, and the first woman got stuck outside, for a free newspaper! Haram!

They sell fruits here on carriages on the corner of the streets, it reminded me so much of Lebanon: "2 Euros, 2 Euros les cerises, venez achetez de cerises, 2 Euros. Madame, vous voulez une Bakette (basket?) de cerises pour 2 Euros?"

Several times, I come to refer to the hotel I am staying in as home.

The below pictures were taken in Mont Martre, where Scare Coeur is.

An old house, so beautiful.


  1. Liliane,

    wow. I get busy from the blogosphere and come back to see you're in Paris :) Way to go!!!

    I was in the first picture 5 years ago. Time...

    It seems you're having fun in Paris. The good thing is that you're here during May so you won't be having to put up with a cold and freezing weather.

    Notre Dame raw3a :) Paris is beautiful. But sa7, it smells like pee and there's dog shit every 1 metre. I can't believe that 5 years later nothing has changed. London's much cleaner ;) (I am advertising for London)

    How long are you staying in Paris for? Is this a business trip?

  2. Liliane,

    one more thing. If you do have AM's email would you please give it to me? Her blog is only open to invited readers and she must have forgotten to invite poor me hehe.

    Thanks and ENJOY Paris;)

  3. Liliane, u went alone!!!!!!!!!!!

    Damn, if I knew I would had got my vacation and went to Paris with you.

    Yalla, maybe next time.

    Enjoyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy it!


  4. I might go to London one day! and maybe visit you if you're still there!

    As for AM, I will look up her email, am not sure if I can view her blog yet lol

    Joseph lol, well am here for work so :P and am not alone, kil yom i see one of my friends! but next time I will tell you, ahla w sahla, paris is for everyone

  5. hehe welcome to Paris Liliane :))

    J'ai mis 2 ans pr lire en marchant et ds le metro, 2 ans pr courir comme une malade et me jeter ds le metro comme une debile vu k il y en a un autre ki passera ds moins d'une minute et 3 ans pr regarder ou je mets les pieds and still I always step in dogs shit gRrrrRRRRRrrrr :@

    Paris doesn't smell like pee!!!
    That's the underground life that smells like this come on if u're walking next to the seine or on St germain blvd or wherever it doesn't smell like pee fonzy!!! :)))

    w chou kamen?? aaaaa yes Mc Do sucks and don't ever try Quick kersse w hek... the rest will be live HOPEFULLY :)))


  6. Posh, ana kamen i got kicked out of AM's blog lol

    Krys, merci welcome to you too :P And Paris does not smell like pee, you're right, 7a2ik 3laye, only in the metro strations! Shou, thursday???