Monday, November 10, 2008

Kylie - Part VI "Crème de la crème"

... more than just eyes, she saw much more, and she felt much more. It was no longer just a look, it's a simple commitment, signed on by just looking at each other.*

Kylie was not experiencing an extra-terrestrial phenomenon or a miracle, it was simple Human Feelings 101. You've felt it, I've felt it. It's called love. People who fall in love with each other don't always have to say and spell things, they just see it and receive it.

*- "So what are our plans for tonight?" Asked Kylie.
- "I see..." He murmured. "So now it's become 'our'?" He demanded.
She smiled.
- "Yes." With an emphasis on the letter s. "Yes, what are OUR plans for tonight?" She said it while continuing to smile.
- "Am thinking we chill at my place, order some food and watch that DVD you've been nagging about for the past month. Whatcha say?", he enthousiastically asked her.
- "Sure thing! I like!" She confirmed.*

Ah... the simple things in life are sometimes what the doctor prescribes. Can you think of anything better and more relaxing than putting your feet up on the stool, eating pepperoni pizza and watching a good movie? I personally can't.

*Kylie was in her Sculpting course. She wanted to do something for herself, something different that her job line, she wanted to be as far away from where her clients might go, her colleagues might be interested in attending and her bosses dropping by! She decided to learn how to sculpt. Twice a week, pretty fun at the beginning, but grew to become rather difficult at later stages. However, she persevered, no quitting this time.

- "What time do you think you'll finish?" Nicely asked by Kylie.
- "Am not sure babe." He negatively replied.
- "Oh okay... well have a good night dear. We'll talk later." Kylie sadly answered.
- "Take care dear." He said.

While Kylie was coming out of her class, all pissed off at her lousy perfomance today, because she's pretty much stressed out from work, a lot of tasks, a lot of projects and deadlines concurring with each other. As soon as she got out of her class, there he was, like a dream, in his suit, no tie, the tie stayed in the car. He was standing there waiting for her and starring at the door from which she got out, waiting for her, his eyes did not wander, his eyes waited too.

She walked in fast pace towards him and gave him the most credible hug she's ever given. She hugged him and kissed him on the cheek.

- "You're here!" She screamed. "You're so cute baby"
He gave her his famous grin and said, "Am here babe."
He took her tools from her.
- "Let's take a walk"
- "Yey! Okay!" She answered excitingly.*

Sometimes Kylie behaves like kids, not in a bad way, but in a real sincere way. And she did when she saw him because she did not expect him to be there. She knew he had obligations and he was extremely tired. So the idea of him surprising her did not even cross her mind, thus her reaction was purely real. She was happy. How often do you feel really happy? And not calculated implicated concluded happyness? Yeah? Think about it. We've been taught to think happy and not feel happy, or at least this is my impression of things nowadays.

*- "You know..." She thought outloud. "Since I've been spending time with you, I just feel like everyone else doesn't compare to you, I just want to be with you and do even sillier things with you that really only feel like the best moments in my life. How can I have and experience such real moments with you, and then go and try to with other persons? How can I choose others over you? You are "crème de la crème". She babbled.
He kissed her. "Stop babbling babe, let's go grab something to eat!"
- "Oh you moron, you can't know when a compliment hits you in the face..." She stopped.
- "Yeah baby, just walk, you can't even get the come back expression right!" He laughed at her while pulling her towards him and placing him arm on her back without letting go of her arm.

She laughed. "You suck!" She pretended to say it with agony.
So he starred at her, and kept starring at her, they stopped walking. The noise around them disappeared. She looked at him and couldn't believe that such a moment can actually exist. She was there. Living it. So he leaned over with his big eyes, and she felt a bit dizzy. He leaned even more, with his pink lips he ... *

Am sort of hungry, so I will go have a soup!

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