Monday, November 10, 2008

Let life be the judge

Many times you feel like life is closing its doors on you, throwing tomatoes at you, creating multiple and various obstacles in front of you, tries to make you fall, magically creates a wall, tries to divert your route, and what do you do? you keep trying, because you think and know, were brought up to believe that you can and should do it.

But shouldn't you trust life? Don't you think that it's doing all this for a reason? And maybe you should just quit and stop whatever you're doing, maybe all you have to do is look to your right.


  1. sounds like Meredith Grey!!!! I used to enjoy your trashy blogging style more :P

  2. Interesting topic.

    But please don't sound like Meredith lol kidding. Sound like whatever you want to sound like.

    But I have a different opinion on this. I don't think life has a life or a brain to plan things for us or that there is anything remotely close to destiny or whatever the hell that means. It's all up to us. We decide our destiny and our life and therefore, unless I want to be surprised, then letting things happen unplanned is not a bright idea for me. But people are different and it's about what works best for each individual.

  3. min hayde meredith grey! :P i know, am kidding

    posh akid i didnt mean sit there and wait for life to decide things for us, bass i believe inno sometimes you work hard on something but it doesnt work out, coz deep inside you don't really want it to work out you just don't know, you think it's the right thing.. but you keep getting signals that its not, however you persist on pursuing something that wont make you happy but you think will make you happy...