Friday, November 28, 2008

Yes Paris - No Poop

5 days and I did not step in poop in Paris. Why? Because I rock! Okay okay I've been careful and all. So I have today and tomorrow to make without stepping in poop. Do you think I'll make it?
The temperature is still the same, between 0 degrees and 5! But I don't longer feel that cold, so I think my body is immune sorta! Who would've thought!
That's paris for me! Cold and poopy! Ok ok am kidding, it's much more than that, it's a nice place, really, pretty good for taking photographs at night if you have a good cam that is, or at least a tripod. Either ways, I like it cause it has an amazing wide variety of things to do and places to eat in.
Funniest thing is, I looked up a toy store online, that is pretty close by, so I picked the gift to buy for my nephew, I went there, and it was a soirée privée, meaning you can only get to the store if you have an invitation! Argh! French w 7araketoun. So I left ... like a person who was not able to get a gift for her nephew! But I bought a white coat pour moi!

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