Friday, November 28, 2008

Oh and...

The French tend to translate their movies into French and even the
titles of the movies, so sometimes when reading the title you really
cannot make which movie it really is! Anyway I saw the translation of
Eagle Eye yesterday, and the translation was... *drums beating*
"L'oeil du mal"

Wlek shou khas? Don't they even at least watch the movie before
translating the title that probably took I donno how much for the
original people to come up with!


Ok rta7et nafsiyan :P But the crepe here rocks!


  1. fonzy gimme ur number or call me on mine if u still have it! we ll have a mojito somewhere tonight or tomorrow :)))

  2. ba3DEN FONZY WALAW Y A LA VF et la VO, u just pay attention when ure going in that it's the VO salle wa ella kersse...can u imagine de niro talking in french wahahahah :D

  3. So I don't read your blog for like 2 weeks and come 2 find u in Paris? what if it was 3 weeks? maybe Mars? Yeah that's my way of sayin I'm jealous.

    About the movies, u should kiss ur hand wesh w dahr and pray never watching an English movie poster in Egypt. Names like "al entekam el gabbar" or "al fahd al shares" are not rare.

  4. azerty keyboards suck. anyway krys, I sent u my number did u get it?

    marooned oh dont worry hehe its work work work

  5. fonzy!!!!! where did u send me ur number!!! i didn't get anything!! send me urs by mail...when r u leaving???

  6. hein!!! :((( am sure u got the wrong number bouuuuu!!