Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Count to 10 000

I don't know why I always have this urge, this need, to prove to
delusional persons that they're delusional. I know the whole equation
doesn't sum up. They're delusional? How can they listen to logic
anyway. What pisses me off the most is me wanting to show how
delusional those people are in front of others, not all the time, but
only when this delusional person starts getting on my nerves and
starts bugging other people including myself. Do we shut up? Do we
stay quiet and not show this person where he's going wrong? Especially
when some fools congratulate them? Argh! I am so mad.

Breathe in... breathe out... count to 10 000... might actually calm down.


  1. Lilzi,

    if that person is stepping on your foot, then by all means, you have to confront the person. But, if this person is just getting on your nerves just because they are being whatever and whoever they want to be, then I don't think you should say anything. Maybe you should try to understand where they come from. That way you may find a way to calm down.

    Besides, delusion is very relative and subjective.

  2. nods... agree with posh!

  3. that's the thing, he stepped on my foot :) jaweleh el shoes ;)