Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Over time, I found myself falling in love with Eric. Alan certainly wasn't blind to this, so we all got together to discuss it.

The article I have two husbands: A Polygamist's diary is about a woman who ended up married to guy, in love with another guy who is married to another woman, and I didn't get how the 3rd woman fits in the equation, and they all live together!

I do try to keep an open mind in these cases, for me no, but I am pro not following blindly the traditions... So I still am interested in understanding the HOW...

So... How? It's a bit weird. It's hard enough to have two people agree, share finances, share a house, have dreams with, build a family, invest in a life... how about 5 persons? She said it's not about sex, it's about love. Maybe that's friendship? I don't know.. Am a bit puzzled. Thoughts?


  1. polygamy "bil mabda2" is about actually loving more than 1 person... loving them equally? reminds me of the muslim man being able to marry 4 women as long as he can love them and treat them equally..

  2. polygamy + loving more than 1 + equally = it doesn't add up

    one or more elements have to be replaced in such a formula ...maybe then