Thursday, February 12, 2009

Irony or Foolishness

I'm not sure if this is ironic or just foolish of me. Hear this. Yesterday, I was parking my car so I can go to my spanish course. A little boy comes up to me and tries to sell me Yanassib. I usually don't buy lottery or yanassib. But I always tend to converse with these people and try to know more about them. Although he was the one to open a discussion. Telling me, after I immediately refused to buy one, that all this money is going for his learning. Inspector gadget of me, I investigated with him, and asked him what he's learning, 2 minutes later I was able to come to the conclusion that he's not going to school, and me acting like a smart ass, I finally told him that I will buy it, but I know he's not getting any education, and that I really wish he does get an education one day. I gave him a 5000LL, he told me, this costs 10000LL, so I said, ok give me half of it, he gave
me a said face, I insisted. And then I left all proud of myself that I was sorta able to say No.

Hmmm, you do know that the whole Yanassib paper costs 5000LL and not 10000LL? Ok the uneducated him knows it, but I didn't. So I feel like a fool right now. But am sure gonna search for him on Monday and taze him with my gun! Ok for sure I won't, I am too fucking peaceful... I will just look for him and preach him a bit.. bleh...


  1. that's street smart for you!

  2. really? :(

    i still donno if it won or not lol