Saturday, April 11, 2009

Fast & Furious in Geant's parking

After watching the movie Fast & Furious 4, we went back to the parking to leave. I personally accomplished one of my dreams and it's sitting in the supermarket chariot, and going for a ride :P but then we heard some "toshfit", some wheels sqweeking on the parking floor, and not by one car, but by many. Apparently the fellow Lebanese young men were very influenced by the movie... Points I would like to talk about are:

1- The movie was not that good
2- The Lebanese people, especially the young are very susceptible.
3- They had sucky cars for that deed anyway


  1. haha.

    It's so funny because my brother (who's here on vacation) watched it last night too and he made the same comments as you did. That after the movie was over and done with, the Lebanese with their sucky cars tried to emulate Fast & Furious. He said it was a disgusting sight. I couldn't have agreed any better ;)

  2. plz elaborate the supermarket chariot "accomplishment" :D

  3. posh oh so not only i have a lot in common with you, i do with your brother too eh?

    Rany lol... inno Mercedes compressor C230? inno mashouna! at least ya3ne ykoun 3ende Jetta VR6 like mine :P

    AAL euh eh :D I sat in it and my virtual non-existant bf as you like to think of him jarrneh la 7adit el siyyara!