Thursday, April 23, 2009

Right there on the curve

While driving back from work, right there on the curve of the road, I saw a guy very jumpy and moving rapidly in a car driving towards me, I thought they must be guys probably enthusiastic about something. And suddenly I made out what his movements were, I looked at the person sitting on his side, and found a woman trying to be as far away as she can from him, clinging to the door as much as she can, and her arm placed in front of her face... defensive position.

And then as my car got closer to theirs, there he was at it again, he held his arm up high too fast and hit the air beside him, because she was as far as she can be, and he wasn't able to focus on hitting her and driving on a hard left. I know he saw me looking, the dude with the glasses, ugly as a monkey butt.

I slowed down, I was shocked, I saw from the bits of her face that was hidden by her arm how scared she was, how much of an animal he is. I didn't know if there was anything I can do, but seconds later, they were gone. Out of my life. I was going back home to get ready for going out, and she... she was living one of her worst moments in life.

I always wonder, will I be able to make out if a man is abusive? How can you know if your friend, boyfriend, colleague.. is abusive?


  1. Why didn't you follow them?
    At least you could have known where he took her ...

  2. Sometimes it's better to stay out and away from things if getting into it might cause immediate danger on yourself...

  3. Mx9,

    thanks for seconding me :P

    No seriously Lilz. Don't even feel guilty about this situation. I would've done the same.

    How to tell? hehe... It's easy. Their girlfriend/wife seems like a ghost of herself when around them. I knew a couple like that, sadly he was a good friend of the group. Long story. Maybe one day I could write about it.

  4. definitely! you did? do write.. i wanna know how this guy can be so cute and social and at the same time abusive... :/

  5. Does anyone know what's the lebanese law for this issue? I believe that women should be able to press charges easily in case of domestic violence.
    I once heard that there was a hotline set up by an NGO in lebanon for such cases, they provide guidance and help for women, I wish if they promote it more than they did.

  6. There are laws I think, but am not sure how much protection can the Lebanese security offer to the abused woman.

    There is KAFA, organization to help women who are victims of violence and exploitation

  7. I once wrote about KAFA here
    with a number to call and an address

  8. It would have been interesting if you followed them.

  9. hmm kenet akalta atleh ana kamen yimkin? ok seriously, 3anjad i want to know if there was something that was in my power to do. inno i follow them, i find out where they live, and then what? i try to convince her inno she's not the bad one, she's actually the victim? and she should go to KAFA or another organization?