Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Some stuff I have to say!

1- I haven't had a migraine since more than a month (knock on wood)

2- 2 nights ago, while driving back home around 11pm, I had light fm
on and they put that old song and I was like "NO WAY"... it was East
17's song "Thunder"! And I started singing, more like screaming! What?
I was like 13 when that song came out :)

3- Relationships! It is just so amazing listening to people tell me
about their significant other, how much they love that person, but how
much that person is making things so hard on them. It is so damn
difficult to get along with your ownself and make up your mind about
something, how about making life-decisions with another person? I look
at relationships with awe, and at how people interpret things, their
different point of views, their different ways of solving things, or
making things worse or...

4- I want to sky dive

5- I no longer want to envy other people, I want to thank God again
for all the fortunes I have. I know I nag a bit, but that's just me
thinking outloud trying to find a solution.

6- I dodged an accident last week, was gonna hit a car in front of me,
that had stopped because 3 cars bumped into each other.

Okay enough for today. I've been blogging mucho mucho lately! Khalas bi kaffe.


  1. I always wanted #4 too, a friend of mine did it recently.

    About #6 it happened to me a couple of months ago 3 cars bumped into each other behind me and ended up bumping my car's trunk

  2. I also thought maybe I'd parapente... what do you think?

  3. Eh say anything you want, except the relationship part, la anno de2 el mayy mayy :P

  4. lol East 17... I watched them in Lebanon when they came to Mont La Salle in the 90's... this song is sooo old thanks for the flashback :)