Saturday, April 18, 2009

I miss writing in Arabic

I used to write in Arabic. Actually this is how it all started. When I first got into university, you know, rebel, politics, life, freedom, new things, Lebanese University and its problem, teenagers going on adults, majors in Lebanon...

I started writing and writing in Arabic. It's the best thing to write when you are driven by something. I used to read a lot of political books. The first was "7oub wa mawt fi Bayrout" it was for a foreign journalist who said was Bachir Gemayel's mistress.

I tried to write for a student newspaper, I gave my article to a friend so he can give it to them so they would publish it, the article was about the disorientation students receive before picking their major that will define their career, the choices they have, and the lack of opportunities, etc... It was a long article. Anyway the article never really got there, but once, I was checking a monthly edition and I found a small piece of text written by that friend that was about the same issue as my article's.

So anyway, let me show you a poem I wrote almost a decade ago. It's in Arabic.

Click to view in larger size
And in order for me to go back to writing in Arabic, I need to read books written in Arabic again. I have become dumb in Arabic, it's a shame.


  1. Well, if you miss it, then go back to it.

    It was nice reading your poem in Arabic :)

    One more thing, if you consider yourself dumb in Arabic, I am a million times dumber lol It's a shame 3anjad.

  2. thanks marooned :)

    posh.. walla 3ayb lol

  3. or you can write in your own language: LEBANESE!

  4. I used to write in Lebanese too (arabic) but there are really no rules there, its sort of speech material and not writing, dont you think?

  5. You have a nice writing in arabic. :)

  6. tab yalla read more arabic :)
    i used to read more arabic books too