Monday, October 27, 2008

Kylie - Part V

... got pissed! Because it showed she cared. He knew that this was a measuring tool.*

Of course, he's gentle enough not to do this all the time, but only at the beginning, when he needed confirmation and assurance for his feelings, nevertheless for another reason too... He was very good at making her feel better all over again.

*A week later has passed, and Kylie's first choice was him. Everytime she thought of something fun to do, she would call him. Everytime she felt lonely and sad, she would call him. Everytime she just called him to chit chat, he would call back later on and book her for the night.

"Tastes good, doesn't it?" He said excitingly.
"Yeah, it's not bad" She said with her mouth full.

It was very cold near the sea where they were having their nocturnal snack. Suddenly as he leans over to give her a kiss on the cheek because she looked so funny wearing his sweater with its hat on her head, it was then that he noticed she was shivering.

"Baby, tell me next time you're feeling cold, we don't have to sit round here. Let's get in the car". He said as he stood up and headed to the car to tidy it up a bit.

"So tell me, describe the woman of your dreams for me! I can tell that you would definitely pick someone pretty, hmm, more like a simple beauty. You like simply beautiful women. But what about her brains?
Hmmm, intelligent of course, silly question.
Fine, what about her character?" She asked him with a sort of worry in her eyes. Like what he is going to say next is something she will not like, something threatening for her. She felt like she had to compete with the woman he's going to describe in his next sentence.

He smiled and gazed at her.

"Are you still cold idiot?" he whispered to her.
"Whatever! You're never serious! You're the idiot!" She screamed back.
"Oh how mature!" He giggled and trying to tickle her.

He thought for a moment and told her, "come here! I can see you're still cold!"
She got pissed, moved even further.*

But the thing is, she is the one who is being an idiot because she didn't get what he just did. You see, he was not like just any other man, he didn't want to tell her the traditional, uncreative way that he's starting to fall in love with her, that when he goes to sleep all he thinks about, is her, and when he wakes up, he moves to his right looking for her face, with her head on his pillow, with her hair scattered in his bed and her body scent in his nose.
But no, she had to act like a kid.
It's okay, sometimes he does like that about her. Men like their woman to appear fragile, delicate and kid-like, makes them feel protective.
Women like being in the presence of a protective man as well.

*He frowned, and then with a sarcastic smile on his face, he continued "Do you want me to drop you back home?"

She's very stubborn, but one of her good traits is that she's wise, she knows when it's the right time to start working again on patching things up. But let's not forget she's got wit and pride, so she won't give up that easily, she threw the ball back in his court.

"Do you want to drop me back home?" She said with a sweet voice.
"I asked you because I felt you wanted to go back home!" He answered
back. He's stubborn too.

"Why did you get mad?" He gave it another chance.

"I don't know", she said like she was going to cry.
"I act like babies sometimes, I know why. But I don't know the timing
that manifests it." She confessed.

"Why do you do it?" He asked.

She thought for a long time and remained quiet before she blurted: "You know that with my parents' bickering and constant fighting while I was still 11 and 12 years old, I had to be the referee, I had to be the mediator between both and act like an adult while they yelled at each other over who throws the garbage and who doesn't... I didn't get to do that, there was no room for a third child in the family", she spoke.*

I told you that men like fragile and delicate women, of course, sometimes, and not all the time. He likes her strong and outgoing personality. Her being the center of attention, the tons of silly jokes she throws to make everyone around her comfortable and having

*He leaned at her and squeezed her with all his strength, well no not all, but he hurt her, and it was a beautiful enjoyable pain for her. "Baby!" he said gently.

"Act like a baby as much as you want when you're with me!" He said.

She looked at him, and saw it, she saw...*

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