Sunday, December 21, 2008

As mom put it

"28 years earlier I was having cramps and was going to have you! Happy Birthday mom"

Last year I spoke about age, this year? I got my fucking Canon Rebel XS 1000D WOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO :D:D:D


  1. HBD :*

    May you get another gorgeous thing on your BD next year.

  2. Happy birthday! and mabroukeh your new toy!
    Hope to see new stuff on your flickr

  3. Thank you my 2 loyal readers :D

    Oh Rany you've seen my flickr account :) cool

  4. Happy Birthday :)
    well yes I've seen your flickr account when I first landed on your blog... and congrats for your canon w nchallah it'll be a mustang next year ;)

  5. Ok so basically we established two things
    Rami =/= Rany lol
    and I can predict the future apparently :P

    So thanks Rami and thanks rany!!

    I like the Ford mustang idea :P

  6. Where is the link to your Flickr account? Me is curious ;)

    Btw, my tiny little 7 yr old cousin's BDay is on the 22nd :)

  7. There is a section called My online, it has links to my online stuff :D
    Anyway here it is:

    And happy birthday to your nephew :) my nephew bi sir 6 on 29 December :D we should take them on play dates...

  8. Well yeah Rany != Rami :) I haven't thought that it'll follow me to the blogosphere, I'm always mistaken to be Rami and Rony and even worse I was once in one of the public administration offices and the old lazy employee ken 3am bi jarreb ye2ra i5raj el 2eid taba3i fa ma zabatet ma3o so he approaches the glass seperating him from me and tells me: chou esmak? Rania? lol I wanted to kill him, good thing that there was that glass between me and him.

  9. My cousin's name is Rany :P but I read the thing so fast.. khalas forgive me lol!

    They call me Mireille aw2et! don't ask :P

  10. Lilzi,

    gonna check your Flickr thing then :)


    lol Rania? wow that's something.

  11. lol, it's ok no problem. and I forgive you for calling me an encyclopedia in your previous post :P :)