Monday, December 08, 2008

Be honest

Lying to oneself is nothing new. A lot of people do it. But a lot of people try to face themselves, try to see what's fake and what's true. But most of them don't know the difference, they think they're no longer in denial, living in lies and building upon wrong assumptions more dark thoughts and more erronous conclusions.

Basic principles of communication is: Go ask. Don't imagine things. Don't invent things. There is no need for dark thoughts, no need for bad intentions. Be honest... Be honest. Get it? Be honest. Go ask. Because really... you don't know. You think you know. Those people? Those bad energy people, who you say keep following you. Lock them out. Maybe you cannot do it physically. But the brains? the brains are an amazing thing. So lock them out mentally. Look at them, wait for them to finish, and then smile, tell them whatever they want to hear, then go. Yes, become a selfish asshole. Fuck them. It's your time now.

It's over, it's gone. There is no conspiracy, shit happens. Most probably for the best. Embrace it and move on.


  1. I like this post... I don't know why some people consider that reality is whatever goes inside their head.
    You say something that is simple, limited to the words you said in a clear context and easy to understand but they can't help extrapolating on it and jumping to conclusions... And I don't get it why if there's any confusion about anything they can't just ask instead of understanding things negatively and insisting on understanding it that way.
    So I totally agree with you.