Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Brainstorming with myself while at work and not working

The idea of returning and doing my PhD always bumps into my forehead,
sit in front of my eyes and waits for my decision. I always dismiss
it. Mainly for 2 major reasons:
1- PHD in computer science sounds boring for me and unmotivating.
2- Maybe it's just in my field, but I noticed that there are many PhD
professors who suck. And I know many do this just for the title.

In consequence, I am always sitting here and wondering of what I am
going to do next. Is it an MBA? I am so pissed that no one told me
what I know now. I wanted to do a PHD, and that's why I did a Master's
in Computer science, but now that this isn't what interests me, I find
that I should've done an MBA, especially that I did business stuff.

... Honestly? I still think about Psychology. I always wanted to do
something that has to do with understanding humans and human behavior!
How cool!

Anyway, I think next step should be an MBA, when and where? No answer yet!

For now, learning Spanish is doing it for me.

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