Thursday, December 18, 2008

Santa, this year I want...

The idea of work still surprises me at certain times. I suddenly realise I am at work, I am at this location that is called work. A place which I visit everyday, 5 times a week, I wake up and go there, spend the required hours and leave. It's really a bizarre thing. The strangest of all this, is me, me being at work, participating in this weird cycle, who would've thought I am a 9 to 5 person (actually 8 to 5:30)... One day, one day I will do what I want.

Christmas commcercials are so funny, I can hear them saying at one point "Buy a Sony Cybershot and get a Dodge Charger with it :D"

I try to wonder if I ever leave this life, will I be missed. Surprisingly, I don't care, I am recently doing things, nice things for others, but not because I want them to know I did it, or thank me for it, or remember me after I'm gone (wherever that place is), but because I just like adding this innocent feeling of laughter and chilling and relaxation for people, it makes me happy to see people happy.

I don't know what's gone into me, maybe I ate a lot of baked potato or maybe I have been visited by the 3 ghosts of christmas! The difference between Scrooge and myself is that he was greedy and rich, and I am .. let's say slightly rich, if I compare myself to those people who are starving to death in Africa, but am also generous, the feeling of not giving a fuck about money is ecstatic.

Nevertheless, I would love to have a lot of money, I want to carry the money in my hand and throw it, I want to send poor children to schools, I want to be able to provide educational orientation and guidance to those who are confused about their future, I want to be able to look at people and give them the opportunity to be the best
they can be and choose the best thing for them. I want to help create the best society. And best of all, I want to organize dinner parties for people, for free, or maybe let them pay and give the proceedings to encourage pesons with physical or mental disabilities to work and be productive. I want to be able to get the best rock, blues and metal bands to play concerts in Lebanon. Music has to be introduced to every single soul! And of course Operas.

I want to make people happy and decent enough to respect each other even when they don't like each other.

And then I guess I wake up :)

Whatever, I believe to leave the place I was once in better than the way I found it.

Oh and I want to receive National Geographic magazines, how rude, I can never order them to Lebanon!


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  2. :) so you like Dodge charger?

  3. Lilzi,

    it is so sweet how you bare your heart out :) And I know you mean it all.

    NG don't post to Lebanon? Uh... How annoying. Have you tried complaining ;) You never know.

  4. Rany, yes! but I don't like the Sony Cybershot so no chance for me to get the Dodge :P

    Posh wlek eh shou 3inna! And well I tried to subscribe online several times, but I never find the country Lebanon, so I send an email in the specified are but they never reply :(

  5. lol enno bel ekher sadda2ti el di3aye! :P :)
    I prefer the twin sister of the Dodge charger, Chrysler 300c it has a better engine and a better interior, do we get it with a Canon powershot? :P

  6. Ahhh inta bit 7eb el fakhameh, i like power cars, I also like the Ford mustang and the lamburghini diablo :P

    ANd I got a Canon !! OH YEAH!

  7. I said in my previous comment 300c has a better engine and I was referring by that to the fact that the standard engine of the 300c delivers a 345 horse power while the standard Charger engine delivers 260 hp so the standard 300c is more powerful than the standard charger. However the 2009 editions deliver close performance, but still the 300c has an additional feature in its gear box, you can switch from fully automatic to clutchless manual which delivers a sportier performance.

    I like the Ford mustang, it's my favorite American muscle car but when it comes to sports cars I prefer German cars over American because they can disappear before that american cars make their first couple of meters. :)

    Oh and I'm a Ferrari guy, Lamborghini makes nice cars with diabolic names and diabolic engines but they are poorly designed when it comes to control and handling so you end up having a car with excessive power that is practically useless, while Ferrari they have a distinguished legacy in sports cars engineering and motor racing and they know how to make an ultra fast car that has a good handling because of a smart weight distribution excellent suspension system and a powerful engine.


  8. Hmmm ok ok I can see you got some techy proofs, I don't go in that deep in cars I can't afford! lol

    I've heard that the dodge charger can split from using 8 cylinders to 6 :p now that's cool!

    And inno Ferrari, ma fi shak is an amazing car, after all I was pro Schumakher for almost 10 years, but for me Lamborghini will do :P.. it's not like I will race anywhere in Leb! Although I did reach a 200km/h once with my current car :D

    And we establish that you are a walking encyclopedia

  9. euh a blogging encyclopedia lol

  10. lool.. Just because I know the power rating of the charger engine I'm a walking blogging encyclopedia! Tayyeb shu ba3mellek, I told that it has a better engine in a simple way ma sadda2tini! :P :)