Friday, September 25, 2009

The doctor will see you now

Going to the bank, to the doctor, to pay a bill are things that really irritate me. Maybe because a person has to wait, or feel judged by the person in front of you or just the journey to get to that place in Beirut's strawberry traffic jam. Or maybe it's all of them.

I mean here I will be sitting in front of this big shot professor, and I have a ball in my neck, I mean really? He's studied and worked all these years, and a ball in my neck is all I have to offer?


  1. That's weird! It never occurred to me before that you have to offer a challenging illness when you see a doctor!

  2. Playing the doctor here; I don't think your neck ball is caused by Stress. It's most probably some fat that got rounded in your neck. But anyways good luck.

  3. Btw a friend of mine got that in his back.

  4. marooned, I say illogical things when I am scared :P

    Darine, yeah, turns out it's nothing dangerous (but still gotta do some exams)

    Serpico, not fat, I think it's an infection shi heik

  5. "strawberry traffic jam" loved that part ;)