Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Lebanese lie #1 and #2

I am starting a new series of Lebanese lie. They do lie! So here's #1 and #2 (double bill)

Lie #1
You know how many times when you run into an old friend, acquaintance, colleague, you chit chat a bit "Hi, Kifak (how are you), ca va (good)?", "Ana mnih (am fine), inta kif? (What about you?)" etc...
And then when the conversation is getting wrapped up, one of you (the most liar), says to the other:
"Let's do something soon!"
YEAAAAAAAAH RIGHT, soon! Like in 100 light years?

Lie #2
Sometimes you're at a clothing store, trying on some clothes, you put on a white dress for example, with dark wide horizontal lines, that is tight, and you're a pear shaped person, and then the salesperson tells you: "Wow, it's perfect on you! It's beautiful! I think you look amazing"
And then you look at the mirror and wonder, since when is the volleyball shape for woman the trend?


  1. hehe,,, sooo true! your second scenario actually reminded me of this funny quote:

    "I went to a clothing store. There was a girl there, helping me. I picked some clothes and she pointed me to the dressing room. She said, “if you need anything, my name is Jill.” “That’s amazing”, I thought, “I never met a girl with a conditional identity before...” :-P

  2. So you're a pear shaped person? :)

  3. Nour K the conditional identity thing cracked me up

    Serpico, it was only an example :P but yes I am lol